Below are some questions that we frequently get from our Resource Contacts on registration and adding or updating Resources. If you have a specific question, please ask your question in the Comments section below or email us directly.


I tried to register, but the site says that there is already a user with that email address.
We do preregister many of our Resource contacts. We also use a "shared" pool of contacts, so if you are registered on one ResourceNet, then you can use the same login information on all ResourceNet sites. You can request a new password.

I forgot my username and / or password.
On the login screen, you can enter your email address. Your password will be reset and emailed to you.

Submitting a Resource

I'm not sure if I'm a Clinician or a Health Provider?
The Clinician type was developed specifically for those health care providers that do not have a physical office address and work out of the family's home or at schools, for example. Most health care providers will fall into the "Health Provider" type.

Am I a Community Organization or Health Provider?
If you are a nonprofit or community-based organization, then you should submit a Community Organization resource. You will have the ability to also enter various treatment and service options as well as community-related options such as after school child care, social opportunities, or family services.

Submitting an Update / Correction

How come I can't see my changes on the site?
If you have requested an update to your Resource, but don't see the changes immediately, they are being approved by the ResourceNet administrative staff. After you are assigned as the "contact" for that resource, any changes you submit in the future will then be made live immediately.